High quality mobile Scan,
Easy share and auto backup

Intelligent doc scanner auto detect photo boundary to crop easily.
Share high resolution pdf or images on iCloud, Dropbox, email etc.
Smart folder management for all scan pages and send as pdf anytime.
Bulk scan facility for professionals need. Create template to repeat scans.
Print 'Photo ID' card Front and back part on single page

ScanPix Features

Intelligent Scan

ScanPix is intelligent to detect the best resolution and scan with highest image quality. Just need to point the device camera towards the document to be scanned; ScanPix will adjust the focus and give you the area boundary to adjust as per your need.

Auto Backup

Just turn-on the Auto-backup option in Settings section and ScanPix will save all your scanned documents to iCloud whenever you scan new document. You can manually backup your scanned documents on your preferred platform, ie: Dropbox, Google Drive and save at multiple locations.

Organise smartly

ScanPix mobile scanner not only scans the document but helps you manage them in an organised manner. You can group all the pages of a document together and name it so that they are not scattered around. Save important documents to Dropbox or Google Drive and print them whenever you need to.

How it work?

ScanPix is extremely easy to use and share app. Here are quick steps to scan and share high resolution document.

Capture Document or ID card

Tap on plus button to capture document or ID card. Timer mode can be handy if you want to hold mobile steadily.

Crop Document

App automatically recognise area for best crop which can be adjust manually. Quick scan will auto crop for you.

Perfect view

You change document type for text, colour or original photo type. You can also adjust brightness to find perfect clarity for photos.

Share & Save

You can share as pdf file or jpeg image over email or upload on social cloud such as iCloud, dropbox, google driver and other app like whatsApp, WeChat also available.

Scan anytime, Share everywhere

Scanpix is your best companion for professional scan, personal document share or sync documents to cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Templates are great option for professionals to organise the regular scanning documents and capturing photo. You can crate steps to configure documents, photos and ID card documents and transfer them to cloud for unique customers.
A regular photo, text document, Colour document, ID card (Front and Back) and Passport type document can be used with ScanPix .
You can capture document in any light condition. It is recommended that documents paper are placed on non-white background so app can perfectly identify corners.
Timer is best option if you like to wait for few seconds to capture scan while you hold the phone tight.
The individual images of Front and Back are stored separately which can be access when you send using email, iCloud, Google drive, Dropbox etc.


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